MS Paint MCQs & Answers

Microsoft Paint MCQ Questions and Answers for the class 1 to 10. Selective best Objective Multiple Choice Questions with answers for competitive Computer Exams Preparation. MS Paint is an Application software of the Microsoft default Accessories. MS Paint helps the user to draw a painting digitally.

MS Paint MCQ Questions and Answers

01. What is the Default Background color in MS Paint?

a) White
b) Yellow
c) Red
d) Grey

Ans:- a

02. Which key is used to draw a straight line in MS Paint?

a) Window
b) Space
c) Shift
d) Alt

Ans:- c

03. Which tool is used to write a name in MS Paint?

a) Pencil Tool 
b) Text Tool
c) Brush Tool
d) Line Tool

Ans:- b

04. Which of the following extension we can save the MS Paint file?

a) .jpg 
b) .png
c) .bmp
d) All the above

Ans:- d

05. Which bar is used for moving the page up and down in MS Paint?

a) Vertical Scroll Bar
b) Horizontal Scroll Bar 
c) Title Bar
d) Status Bar

Ans:- a

06. MS Paint application is available in which of the following operating system?

a) DOS
b) Linux 
c) Windows

Ans:- c

07. Which of the following tool is not available in the Ribbon Bar?

a) View
b) Image 
c) Clipboard
d) Tool

Ans:- a

08. Which tool is used to spray colors in MS paint?

a) Brush
b) Fill Color
c) Airbrush
d) Calibri brush

Ans:- c

09. Where are the Eraser, Magnifier, Text, and Fill color tools are available in MS Paint?

a) Tool Box
b) Menu Bar
c) Color Box
d) Status Bar

Ans:- a

10. What is Microsoft Paint?

a) An Operating system
b) A Software
c) A Folder
d) All the above

Ans:- b

11. What is the default file extension while saving in MS Paint?

a) .jpg
b) .png
c) .bmp
d) .gif

Ans:- b

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