Environmental Studies MCQ

Environmental Studies MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions)

Best for +3 1st Semester Students.

  1. The word ‘Ecology’ was given by _____.

E. Haeckel

  1. ____ layer of the atmosphere has maximum density.


  1. Free living aerobic nitrogen fixing bacteria of soil is ___________.


  1. The carrying capacity of a population is determined by its ____.

Available Resource

  1. Photochemical smog always contains ___.


  1. Ozone layer is present above _____ sphere of the atmosphere.


  1. The Wildlife Protection Act was passed in _.


  1. Chipko Movement is associated with ____.

Sunderlal Bahuguna

  1. Red data book is famous for _.

Endangered animals and plants

  1. Atmospheric content of carbon dioxide is __.


  1. A gas that contributes most to green house effect is __.


  1. World Environmental Day is __.

5th June

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